We have a range of game development related services available. Get in touch so we can discuss your project, explain the process and calculate a quote. Please use the contact form here. Depending on the budget available, we can usually adjust the scope to match. 

Game Design 

This may include running &/ designing a game design system suitable for a team to use. Depending on whether teams work together on-site, remote or hybrid, we can design a system that suits. We also offer services in game design consultancy, narrative design, research, fact-checking and prototyping should this be required. 

2D & 3D Art

This could be concept art, materials for 3D models, 2D game art or 3D game-ready models. 

Game Development

This could be 2D or 3D, depending on the requirements, and could be a portion of a larger game or a full stand-alone game, ready to play.  Options to play could include embedding on a website or playable in a browser if this is required (and depending on target development platform).Our team's experience is in Unreal, Unity and Construct. 


This could be for an architect, interior designer or museum. We are able to provide either 2D renders or 3D interactive environments to explore. 

Training & Consultation

This could be for a CPD event or general training to learn a skill. Skills can include core game design, 3D modelling for games, Unreal Engine foundations, 2D art fundamentals, digital art. Training is delivered by Dusty Tusk's founder, who is a qualified lecturer with over ten years of teaching experience. Consultation is also available, to assist with project needs or curriculum development, for example. 


CAD drawing of building, blueprint.
Visualisation for Place/Wright Studio using their CAD plan (above).
3D model of a building to be built in Worcester.
3D models developed from CAD plans.
Final render of a building to be built in Worcester in ST Johns.
Visualization within the targeted environment.

Maya's Domain coming soon...

We are currently working on this stylised action-adventure game set in a remote desert location, as our main project. 

Pixel Art Pack 

Available on our store here. 

Rainbow River

Here we have a 2D game that was made for the Carpet Museum, based on the dying process.

Playable in web browsers on PCs or tablets (right). 

Game info:

You are tasked with helping a fish navigate the river in order to dodge pollutants that have leaked into the river. The game was based on the dying process for the Carpet Museum in Kidderminster. 

You can use touch controls or a mouse to turn the fish around and move the fish left and right in order to dodge the ink drops. You get one chance to get hit but if you get hit twice, the game is over. You get points for each drop you dodge, try as many times as you like to beat your high-score!